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Offroad-tyre for 19 inch rims. Low profile tyre – i.e. the external diameter is smaller than that one of a standard tyre!
Standard tyre: 67 cm, this tyre: 63 mm!
The centre of gravity of the bike will be lowered! Max width: 115 mm
No »E« mark,
Size: 100/90 x 19, reinforced, tyre load: 57 (230 kg), speed index: M (130 km/h / 82 mph)

Preis beinhaltet 3 Euro Sperrgutzuschlag. Bei Abholung entfällt dieser.

Tyre 100/90 x 19 Cross low-section


EUR 68,88

incl. 19 % VAT
5,00 KG

Available, enough stock
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