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LED insert for M72 / K750 tail lights with 6V
Function: tail light /brake light / licence plate light
Less than 1.5V power consumption!
More informations at S1055-L6K (see below)

LED insert for K750 tail lights with separate brake light (small heart)
Less than 1V power consumption!
Both brake and tail light are illuminated

Caution: With licence plate light!
Equipped with 28 high-power diodes
Simply connected: screwable three-pole clamp on the printed circuit board (earth / brake light / tail light).
Low weight and shakeproof. Board can be glued, bolted or clamped with clips on the cleaned base plate.
Saves up to 50W (or 4.3A) in a sidecar-outfit
At braking more than 80% of the generator power is used in a conventional tail light – with LEDs it\'s only 3%

LED insert for K750 tail light with licence plate light 6V


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