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Fuel tap in German quality, suitable for all Dnepr, Ural, M72, K750 fuel tanks with 14 mm internal thread.
Quick removable water separator – very high flow rate: approx. 4 mm diameter.
Can be fitted with distributor.
Hint: Solder 14 mm nut (S1657) at right hand side of fuel tank and use tow fuel taps, so the carburettors could be separated individually from the fuel. If one cylinder was flooded, it can be run dry. The overflow under the fuel tank drops and can be plugged. So the fuel tank can be removed without bleeding the fuel. No problems when working at the alternator/generator! Each carburettor gets its individual and optimum fuel.

Fuel tap Dnepr, Ural, K750 'made in Germany' 1 outlet


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